Complete Solar Electric Power Systems

1. Residential Systems: 2.5 And 5.0 Kilowatt Grid-Tied and Stand Alone Battery Backup

2. Commercial Systems: 10 KW to 5 Mega-Watt Roof and Ground Mounted.

3. Latest Technologies Including Poly-Crystalline And Amorphous Thin-Film Panels.

 4. Reduce, Eliminate Your Electric Bills And Guard Against Rising Power Costs.

 5. Twenty (20) Year Power Production Warranties.

 6. State Rebates, Federal Grants & State Tax Credits, Net Metering Rebates With Local

Power Utility Companies.


Wind Turbines

Efficient wind generators in the range of 2.2 Kw to 45 Kw.

·Asynchronous Generators

·No need for inverters

Our wind turbines generate from 3000-100 000 kWh/year,

The designed life span of the wind turbines is least 20 years

Global Sun Energy Corporation


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